Black Row Seperator

Quick Squat Tutorial

Squat set up and cues

  • Grip the bar as narrow as your shoulders will allow but not inside of elbows.
  • Bar position varies. The majority go with mid bar position between upper and lower bar placement.
  • Retract shoulder blades and depress (pinch together and pull down)
  • Take a stance that puts your heels at shoulder width or slightly wider.
  • Turn your chest up hard, brace your core and overfill your lungs. Hold your breath throughout the descent and ascent. Stop for a breath at the top.
  • Squeeze the bar but don’t pull it into your body or press into it. Just allow it to be supported by your upper back.
  • Keep your chest out, back flat and torso as upright as you can throughout the movement.
  • Force your knees out as you descend; continue until the crease of your hip is below the surface of your knee.
  • Drive your elbows forward, your upper back into the baras you drive your feet (mid foot to heel) into the floor on the way up.
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