How To Deadlift – Quick Tutorial


Set yourself up so that the centre line of each foot is directly under the bar, toes in front, heels behind, toes slightly further apart than heels. The best width for your feet varies based on a lot of factors but the majority of lifters benefit from a narrower than shoulder width foot placement. You…

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Bench Press – Quick Tutorial

Steves Gym Pic 02

The hand position will vary from person to person, depending on shoulder width and arm length. A narrower the grip can be more friendly towards shoulder issues while a wider grip will shorten the range of motion, which can be a plus. Grab the bar in the desired grip position, using the knurling on the…

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Quick Squat Tutorial

Steve Williams Squatting B&w

Squat set up and cues Grip the bar as narrow as your shoulders will allow but not inside of elbows. Bar position varies. The majority go with mid bar position between upper and lower bar placement. Retract shoulder blades and depress (pinch together and pull down) Take a stance that puts your heels at shoulder…

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Who The F*** Are You Going To Be?

Wolf Moon

A lot of men drift through life with the goal being, to get to the other side, with as smooth a ride as possible. I was just drifting along until my late twenties. I was just beginning to hear the deeper questions that were coming up from within me. You know the questions I’m talking…

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