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Bench Press – Quick Tutorial

  • The hand position will vary from person to person, depending on shoulder width and arm length. A narrower the grip can be more friendly towards shoulder issues while a wider grip will shorten the range of motion, which can be a plus.
  • Grab the bar in the desired grip position, using the knurling on the bar to find an even grip.
  • Slide your body back so that your sternum is under the bar then pull yourself up to sit on the bench with your chest behind the bar on the rack.
  • Plant your feet in a position so that when you slide back down the bench your feet will be behind your knees somewhat.
  • Slide back down, retract and depress the shoulder blades, arch your mid back, bury your traps in the pad of the bench and do not allow your feet to slide forward. This will feel uncomfortable and tight in the hips.
  • Tighten your back, abdominals and glutes then drive your feet into the ground. Fill the lungs.
  • Keep your shoulder blades back and down as you remove the bar from the rack.
  • Lower the bar until it touches your chest and don’t lift your head off the bench.
  • Bar placement at the chest will vary. Lower on the abdomen for a wide grip and just under the pecs for a narrower grip.
  • Keep your shoulder blades back and drive your feet as you press. Lock out every rep.
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