About Radical Strength Coach

Hey how’s it going? 

Radical Strength Coach is a resource ran, by me Steve Williams, to teach you real world strategies to become a stronger, better, more successful man. But what is a better man, what does that encompass?

If you’ve ever asked yourself:

  • How do I get physically stronger?
  • How do I get mentally stronger?
  • How do I build muscle while building athleticism?
  • How do I get in shape and stay in shape as I get older?
  • How do I overcome depression and low self esteem?
  • How do I build confidence and self worth?
  • How do I develop myself into the leader I want to be?
Steve Williams and The Grandkids

Who is Steve Williams?

And how does he know about this stuff?

I’m a strength coach, I’m over 50, I’m healthy, happy and in the best shape of my life. I coach men (and women) on “Real Deal” fitness from my “Custom Built” gym in the North East of England and I love what I do. 

But it wasn’t always like that.

I used to be a construction worker and I was just “one of the lads” until a series of events left me diseased, depressed and on the bottom. We all face challenges at some point in life unless we’re extremely lucky. I’ve had my fair share and I’ll admit, at times I hated my life. 

There were even times when I felt suicidal but thankfully I’m not the type to follow through on that. But being the stoic type, I’ve always came from the standpoint of - I’ll just get on with it, it’s better to be here and in pain than to not be here at all.

So what changed?

One day while looking at the medication the doctors told me I’d be taking for the rest of my life and in a bleak, fearful and depressed state, I started contemplating my future. 

I could see how much I’d deteriorated in the past couple of years of taking these medications. One of the reasons for my decline was that I wasn’t training as much as I always had because of the “why me” victim mentality I’d adopted since being diagnosed. 

I knew things would only get worse if I chose to continue in this direction. I was brimming with anger at the way my life had turned out.

So I gave myself a choice, I remember saying it out loud:

“Are you going to carry on living this way and go down the pan with the rest?”


“Are you going to change everything, drag yourself out of this mess and build yourself a fucking life?” 

Thankfully I chose the latter.

That decision in 2004 changed the course of my life. I embarked on a path of searching, studying, learning and applying which continues to this day. 

I fell off the wagon many times but I always managed to get back on.

After a couple of years of implementing this strategy, my health and my life took an upward turn. I remember thinking about how well I’d done since the day I ditched my medication and I congratulated myself on how far I’d came and for not stopping. 

I remember wondering “how far could I go if I don’t stop?”

Then it flashed across the screen of my mind:

“Turn yourself into the f***ing Real Deal!”

Right there I decided I wasn’t only going to put my health right, but I’d pull out all the stops, go all the way and be the best I possibly could - in all areas of my life.

Steve Williams Sitting Post Workout Rsc

 What is “Real Deal” Fitness?

What I call “Real Deal” fitness is foundational shit for men. It’s for men who want to separate themselves from the mediocrity of the herd. It’s about being strong and athletic but it’s also about being successful and happy and about doing the right thing as a man.

It’s not just about “looking the part” - it’s about “being the part” regardless of age, circumstances or anything else.

It’s about striving for greatness!

When I talk about greatness, being the Real Deal or being a champion - I must point out that I’m not talking about winning a world title or being the richest man or strongest man in the world.

I’m talking about being the best you can be no matter what your profession or goals in life are. You don’t need fame and fortune to be a champion or anyone to tell you, you are.

I’m talking about striving for greatness, being a champion or being the best you can be IN YOUR OWN LIFE - family, business, relationships and being a man. 

When I was young I always thought I’d have a good life and do great things but I lost my way. 

It was only when Life knocked me down that I became committed to the process and started taking action. Often the best thing that can happen to propel a man into action is for adversity to kick him in the teeth - this was certainly the case with me..

I’m on that same path to this day.

I realised I would need to learn about health so I could rebuild my own. So the first thing I changed was my career. 

I ditched scaffolding and became a personal trainer. I completed the best courses in the industry and learned everything I could about health, fitness and detoxification. 

I moved to London to work in a gym but after a while I realised I didn’t like working in a big commercial gym, paying rent to sharks and delivering training programs to people who were only interested in “quick fix fitness” - the 6-12 week “before and after” bullshit.

I’d always loved lifting weights but being ill had made me drop the training intensity and the amount of workouts I did. Because my health had improved I started lifting regularly again and more seriously than I ever had. I decided I wanted to become a strength coach and build my own gym. 

I completed certifications, received coaching and gleaned knowledge from some of the top coaches and lifters in the game. I did this for myself first and foremost but I also had an urge to help and coach other men. 

This made sense because when I looked around, I could see there was plenty other men suffering from similar problems - weakness, unhappiness and ill health. I had plenty of experience in overcoming these types of issues.

I suffered from low self worth as a teenager and I despised school and authority which lead me to be rebellious and to seek excitement. I gravitated towards kids who were the same and began staying off school, shoplifting, stealing, gambling, drinking, taking drugs and running around in gang.

Through therapy later in life I found that all this behavior and these activities are ways of escaping from self worth issues. Living my life in this way led to more serious events:

  • At 29 I had an “accident” in a bar with a window when in an alcohol and cocaine fuelled state. This left me with serious facial injuries which required multiple operations and plastic surgery.
  • The surgery began with an unsuccessful “bodge job” operation which attempted to graft skin and bone from my head to my nose. It did just as much, if not more damage than the initial incident. Shortly afterwards the long term relationship I was in broke down and I was separated from my children.
  • The trauma of the “accident” and the failed operation left me with PTSD, lack of confidence, anxiety and severe depression.
  • A few years later I was diagnosed with severe inflammatory bowel disease - crohns disease and ulcerative colitis. I was told this was incurable and I’d be on medication for the rest of my life. 

As you can see I’d dug myself into quite a hole. The day I had the conversation with myself was the day I threw my medication in the bin. It was the turning point in my life. I was 37.

How Radical Strength Coach began

So after 3 years as a PT I turned my back on mainstream personal training and went back to throwing steel around in my construction job, to generate money to finance further education, equipment and my new goal of becoming a strength coach and having my own gym. 

In 2010 I started RadicalStrengthCoach.com (the website you’re looking at) from a Bed and Breakfast in Lowestoft while working there as a scaffolder.

My First Gym Equipment

In 2011 I started out on my own as a coach, with some gym equipment in a room in a friends business then in 2012 my gym Elite Underground was born. 


I was getting 400 visitors a day to Radical Strength Coach by 2014 but I couldn’t find the time to learn the web skills I needed and I had no luck with web designers. Even though I had massively changed my life, I was still suffering with digestive problems and having bouts of depression. One day my website went down and I decided to focus my attention on becoming a good coach, to fully recovering my health and overcoming my weed addiction.

Fast forward to today, after intense work in multiple therapies, experimenting with more nutritional strategies as well as strength and conditioning study and writing a book about my experience - it’s mission accomplished as far as health and happiness is concerned. 

I’m happy where I am as a coach but being a good strength coach is a lifelong pursuit. However, I’m always the student and I’ll never lose the love for learning so that will continue. I’ve also got my gym finished and just the way I want it - kitted out with the right equipment. For now 🙂

After finding a great web designer to work with, I relaunched Radical Strength Coach - the website you’re looking at. I’ve developed my training, nutrition and mindset system further and made it available in different media. 

The SOAR - The Strength to Overcome Adversity & Rebuild - program is documented in my new book Underground Strong and is being expanded into an online membership.

Soar Logo

The rebuilding life for success was multifaceted process and obviously the most important factor to success in any endeavour is mindset. Your vision and how you think about what you want to accomplish has to be there before anything can happen.

But strength training is absolutely essential, especially if you desire to be a fully developed man, because strength is a quality that has always defined masculinity everywhere. A man can’t be complete without it unless he can find somewhere to live where hard work, fighting and competition are absent!

I see optimal physical training the way the Greeks viewed training, as a spiritual discipline that we practice until we die. There’s a difference between training and exercising - the majority of men in the West don’t train, they exercise. 

How do I know? 

Because if you’re hitting the same numbers you were a year or two ago, which most are, then you’re not training, you’re exercising. You’re maintaining. 

Training is something that improves your performance and if you’re not improving, progressing and getting stronger, then you’re not training.

Physical development is a lifelong commitment not a casual task the way most view it. Nor is it only for the young. It’s purpose is to make you stronger and better at whatever it is you do, than you were before. You train to make yourself more capable and to increase you value to your fellow men, your brothers, your tribe.

Steve Williams Squatting B&w

So even though I’ve been at this for a long time, I know the best is yet to come. Know-how comes over time and through experience and I’m more equipped now than I’ve ever been. 

The reality is that the body is the vehicle that carries us through life in our experience of the world. We are the custodians of the organism in which we reside. To get the best out of it we must nurture and tend to it, make it stretch and grow. 

If you’re new to lifting you may expect fast gains and sure you might get some initially but if you expect to get them continuously, you’ll fail and the Iron will crush you. We live in the age of the “quick fix” and everyone wants big results from the smallest of sacrifices.

It’s not going to happen in this game, you can’t cheat the Iron - becoming stronger, better and faster takes time.

It’s a marathon not a sprint.

The strongest lifters are the ones that lift for a long time and you can only stay in the game for a long time by lifting correctly and doing things right. 

This is how to achieve longevity. This is how to climb, improve and be the best you can be which in turn lets a “better you” ride the gift of life for longer - that’s how I see it.

The funny thing is I wouldn’t be living the life I’m living now if it wasn’t for disease, depression, adversity and all the other failures in my life. 

If the obstacles to overcome hadn’t been there, then I wouldn’t standing where I am. 

To paraphrase the great strongman Doug Hepburn:

“Life is like a process of lifting yourself up, of overcoming the next obstacle as each year passes” 

I couldn’t agree more and I’m truly grateful for the hard times in my life. I never thought I’d hear myself say that but I now view these misfortunes as gifts not hindrances.

And it was only by going through this process, that enabled me to see that I wasn’t the only one with problems.

I realised there are a lot of men suffering with the same shit - depression, weakness, ill health and unhappiness.

So if you’re looking to dig yourself out of a hole, improve your life and be the best you can - you can check out the knowledge, advice and information on these “first things first” principles and embed them into your own life through:

Steve Williams
Radical Strength Coach


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