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I’m Steve Williams and I’m a strength coach, a gym owner, a published author and I absolutely love what I do. But it wasn’t always like that. I used to be a construction worker with depression, disease and at times I hated my life!

Underground Strong

Have you noticed the amount of men today that are struggling through life? In my book you'll learn how to banish mediocrity! Build yourself into the man with greater strength, higher performance & superior health. 

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Do you feel physically weak, unhealthy or dissatisfied with your performance as a man? In short do you feel your life is full of mediocrity and that you’re just another one of the herd? This membership is for you!

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The Gym

Get maximum results from your training sessions and move your life forward today!


Elite Underground
Jarrow Civic Hall
59-61 Ellison street
NE32 3HZ


Elite Underground is appointment only so please contact us before visiting.


What Creates a Champion's Mindset?

Download my free guide to learn the three key steps that will help you to change your mindset to become the best you can be.

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